February 12, 2007


I always seem to find a way to misplace my keys. Ill be in my house and place them on my dresser and about an hour later they will just be gone. I dont know where or how they leave, but they do. I think someone needs to invent some kind of device that goes on your keys like a gps. It doesnt have to be all high tech just really simple so that I can just go online and find my keys. Maybe like a voice activate key chain that when you say “where are my keys?” they will light up or beep.



February 12, 2007


the first thing that comes to mind when I hear cookies is delicious, tasty, and really really good. I like all types of cookies from chocolate to peanut butter. My favorite is the ones my girlfriend makes I might be a little bias, but they are good. She makes chocolate chip cookies with little chunks of heath inside. Then she drizzles fudge, caramel and marshmallow all over it. Her cookies are not the most healthy cookies in the world, but when take that first bite and takes all those flavors combined together I just cant resist it. 


February 7, 2007


I have two dogs. I know not everyone likes dogs. But how could you not? Dogs are man’s best friend. I have a little long haired Chihuahua, he is a little weird because he is really obnoxious and is always jumping around. Or is always in your face whenever you sit down and have food in your hand. Then we have another dog that is a jack russel terrier mix. She acts like she owns the place and is always growling at you if you pet her to rough or want her to move. but even after all thier flaws I still like them. Because its those characteristics that make them who they are.


February 2, 2007


If I was rich, I probably wouldnt be working my butt off at school and at work. Unfortunetly Im not a millionare. Im not close yet, but until then I will keep every washington and and abraham I can get. ill keep all the pennys and and nickels I get until they reach one dollar. And ill keep hoping for friday, because its pay day and ill be able to go out and waste all that money and do it all over again.


January 31, 2007

ice cubes

I have always enjoyed chewing on ice cubes. I like the cold feeling in my mouth, my uncle told me about a story when I was younger. He said that he gave me an ice cube when I was about four and I was chewing on it and enjoying it so. When all a sudden my tooth came out. I guess I have always liked ice; theres nothing wrong with it as long as my teeth dont come out.


January 30, 2007


Binaca is a type of breath spray that has been with me for a very long time. Ive been using bnaca since I was in about the eighth grade. When people see it for the first time they are like “whats that?” and I just tell them its binaca. It is really strong so when someone uses it for the first time I tell them to do three sprays and breath in. Usually they will cough and say how strong it is. I dont ever tell people where you can get it from ,because I kind of like having it for myself. I guess you can say im a binacaholic.


January 25, 2007


I really like the computer. My computer is one of the most cherished items I have. The computer I have is an alienware brand. Its a top of  the line gaming computer. Since the computer comes in handy in almost every situation, it comes in handy a lot. The best part about is the graphics card it allows me to see high quality graphics and at a really high speed. I dont know what i would do without my computer it is a really good thing to have since know in days everything you do has to be done on the internet. 


January 24, 2007


I have always like writing with a pencil more than a pen. I like writing with the pencil because, it seems like I write neatier. And whenever I make a mistake I can just erase it. Those pens with the erasers are really annoying, because they don’t erase enough and they dont write as cleaning, they write kind of spotty.I especially like writing with mechanical pencils the most. They seem to make my handwriting more eligible. I will write with a pen whenever I have too.



January 23, 2007


Just about everyone or every house hold has a camera. It doesnt even have to be an extravagant camera just a cheap throw away camera. It kind of gets on my nerves whenever im trying to walk through the mall and there is someone taking a picture right in your face with the flash that nearly blinds you for a couple seconds, then for like five minutes you see this little spot when you look around. Its a little annoying, but im not gonna lie I myself actually have a camera. I only use though at important events like partys or family gatherings not when im in crowded store where everyone is cramped together.


January 18, 2007


Advil is supposed to make us stop having headaches, but does it really work or does is it all in our mind? I take an advil everytime I have a headache, because it  makes my head feel better but if I took a placebo would it have the same effect? All advil is a little 200mg pill, can this little pill actually make all my pains go away? I dont really know and I could probably care less. Just as long as it does its job and makes my headache go away I am perfectly fine. Even if the government is just producing advil to make us think it makes us feel better I will stay take it.